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Why Exclusive Buyers Representation Is So Important

Why is Exclusive Buyers Representation so important?  You need someone to exclusively represent you, the “Buyer”. The Sellers and the Banks have their own Exclusive Representation. Why shouldn’t you?

The home buying process can be very confusing in this climate.  With short sales, REO’s (bank owned) HUD homes and traditional sellers with uniquely different needs, comes someone with experience you can trust and count on.

“Taking the right steps to be prepared and educated is essential”.

Buyers need to understand the listing agent represents the Seller. . I want to represent You the “Buyer” and your offer.

Some Buyers believe going directly to the listing agent will get them a better deal. This is a myth. When a listing agent signs an agreement with the Seller, the commission that will be paid by the Seller is usually already predetermined. It does not matter who sells the property, the same commission will be paid. Since you the Buyer will not pay the sales commission, why wouldn’t you want this personal representation at no additional cost to you?

My job is to educate and prepare you in every aspect of the home buying process. Whether you are a first time homebuyer or a savvy investor, this representation is a valuable asset in your purchase. I want my clients to enjoy the experience of finding the home of their dreams. In doing so, I have developed a process that works and gives you the highest possible chance in getting your offer accepted and moving into your new home. I will guide you though this process.

Searching for your home on your own or on the Internet can be exhausting.  Many times the information the public sees does not tell the whole picture. Examples of this would be homes that are still being advertised; yet they are already sold. Major repairs needed, but not disclosed.

In addition, Buyers are paying too much for a home because the valuable comps were not accessible to them. My resources as a Realtor are more comprehensive and accurate. Acquiring proper home inspections, home warranties and other valuable information having this viable information reduces the time and stress of your home buying process. I also have information that is valuable to my clients, such as sneak previews of property that is coming on the market. I have seen this be such an asset to my clients.

From financing options to determining your home needs, wants and your wish list; I make it my top priority during this process. My goal is to make lasting and memorable relationships. I have a passionate commitment to my Buyers and with this integrity, vow of duty, honestly and loyalty you will be at ease. My favorite part of this process is when I hand the keys to you and say welcome home.





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