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Are your thinking of buying a home or have been relentlessly searching?

Here are the top 7 things that will provide success in your efforts.

1. Seek the help of an experienced Buyers Agent. A Buyers Agent has the tools and experience to cut hours of time and it cost you the buyer nothing to have this personal representation. There is no better protection and success of finding your dream home then to hire your own Buyers Agent. A Buyers Agent also has access to homes the public cannot see or find on the internet.

2. If you are not paying cash for your home, Get Pre Approved with a lender. Ask your Buyers Agent for a good lender referral. When you find the home of your dreams having your pre approval letter in hand increases your chances of success.

3. Write a detailed criteria list for yourself and your Buyers Agent. List your top must haves. If a garage, a pool, and 2 baths are a must, be sure the other things you would love to have are not stated as top priority. Identifying these priorities clearly makes your home search rewarding.

4. For your protection get a home inspection. A great home inspector can save you thousands of dollars. It is worth every penny to find out all defects of the home you are thinking of buying.

5. Title And Escrow services will also answer many questions you will have and ensure the successful close of your home. Title and escrow will provide past ownership questions, liens on the property and help you on how to take title to the property you are going to buy.

6. Furnished Homes can sometimes be a challenge. Sellers become more attached to their personal property then the home they are selling. Be sure your Buyers Agent receives a complete Inventory List for you of the items that will be included in the sales price or you are purchasing outside of escrow. This inventory list can save major headaches later.

7. HOA Home Owners Associations are often a subject of debate for potential home buyers. The fees vary per HOA and so do the benefits. Getting the HOA documents are an important step in making sure you understand clearly the pros and cons of the community. Understanding the expectations and assets can help make your decision easier.

Another piece of information is Fee Land vs Leased Land. Fee Land means you own the land. Leased Land means you do not own the land and requires a yearly fee which is paid to the lease owner.

Happy home searching and be sure to following these 7 things to do when buying or searching for a home.

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