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Buying Real Estate In Palm Springs? Home Buying Tips

Are you preparing to buy real estate in Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Indian Wells or La Quinta California? What an amazing time to buy a home in our lovely desert. With incredible home prices in the Coachella Valley, coupled with record low interest rates makes home buying easier and more affordable than ever. Whether you are a first time home buyer or a savvy real estate investor, this is your chance to make an amazing investment.

Keep in mind as these deals come on the market you must be prepared. Immediate response and readiness to act is vital. Remember what is here today is gone tomorrow.

What are your best chances in this market when making an offer on a home? First advantage is having a buyers agent on your side. A great buyers agent has many more assets than the public to finding homes that meet your criteria. Second, have your financing in place. Offers will not even be excepted from the seller without proof of funds or a pre-qualification from your lender. Third, having your agent help you write a strong offer that shows you that you are serious buyer. So many times home buyers lose the home of their dreams because of small errors on their offer.Take into account other factors than just price to beef up the deal. Last but certainly not least, concentrate on your wish list with priorities. Tell your agent every detail you can think of that is an absolute must. Having good communication with your agent really makes the process go much more smoothly.


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